Report sightings of Target Plant Species.    Cape Town's Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR) Programme has identified 25 Target Plant Species. Although there are 383 plants listed in South Africa's invasive species legislation, Cape Town's Invasive Species Unit requests that you ONLY report the location of 'target species' as listed below.

Mauritius hemp is an evergreen perennial shrub that has a short stem up to 1m high. The leaves are sword-shaped and to a sharp spine tip at the apex and usually have some widely-spaced hooked prickles (4-10 mm long) along their lower margins. Leaves are pale green or bright green in colour. The flowers are greenish to creamy white, 4cm long and strongly scented. They are produced on a large inflorescence up to 12m tall

A multiple branched large shrub or small tree from New South Wales in Australia that grows up to 4,5m tall. It is erect at first and then spreading. Very firm papery to corky bark and the oblong leaves occur in opposite pairs. Small orange-red flowers are borne on showy, dense spikes from spring to early summer.

An erect or spreading tree 5-12m high, that often suckers (shoot rising from a woody plant, often some distance away from the main stem) freely, native to Australia. Pale yellow to cream fluffy ball-shaped flowers appear in summer. There are usually 4-8 flowers on each raceme. A highly distinguishing feature is the seed pods, which are curved to twisted or coiled, raised over seeds, 6-20cm long, 4-7mm wide, and firmly papery to leathery.

A large, oval shaped thornless evergreen tree 12-18m tall, native to Australia. Pale yellow or cream globular flower heads appear in panicles from October to December and trees produce 4-17cm long seed pods which are more or less flat and straight-sided, or slightly constricted between seeds.

This perennial has stems 30-80cm tall with blue-green oval to lance-shaped leaves. The stems are often woody at the base. Flowers are usually deep pink to magenta, but sometimes white. Native to Mediterranean Europe.

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