Report sightings of Target Plant Species.    Cape Town's Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR) Programme has identified 25 Target Plant Species. Although there are 383 plants listed in South Africa's invasive species legislation, Cape Town's Invasive Species Unit requests that you ONLY report the location of 'target species' as listed below.

A member of the grass family growing 2-4m in height and robust and evergreen. Leaf blades are up to 1,8cm long and 5-7cm wide. They are V-shaped in cross-section and bluish green in colour. The upper surface is smooth at the base, but the tips are bristly and curled. The leaf edges are rough and sharp. Flowers consists of dense, feathery, 1-1,2m tall panicles that are light violet to cream or silvery white. The roots can spread to 4m in diameter and 4m in depth.

A perennial, slightly woody subtropical climber which occurs naturally in tropical South America. Its climbing tendrils grow 3-5m or higher, often draping themselves over trees. The stems are usually covered with bristly hairs. Easily recognisable with its compound leaf, which has toothed, light green, thin textured, hairy leaflets. Flower stalks bearing small white flowers arise from the leaf axils of the plant. The fruit consists of a roughly spherical, balloon-like, thin-walled capsule about 60mm long, which contains several large black seeds.

A fast growing deciduous tree from China can grow 20m or more. It has smooth stems with pale gray bark, and twigs which are light chestnut brown, especially in the dormant season. In late spring, clusters of small, yellow-green flowers appear near the tips of branches. Seeds are produced on female trees in late summer to early autumn. Fruits are papery, somewhat twisted, winged structures called samaras that are tan to pink-coloured.

An erect or spreading shrub or tree 3-6m tall native to Australia. The bark smooth and flowers appear from July to October. Seed pods are more or less straight, raised over seeds, straight-sided, usually 4-10cm long, 2-5mm wide, papery to thinly leathery.

A densely leafed, spiny shrub from Australia growing to 3m tall and 3,5m wide. Heads of bright yellow, fluffy blooms appear in August to October. The flower heads plus the stalk are about equal to the length of the leaf. The seed pods are short-stalked, brown, straight or slightly curved, cylindrical, 4-7cm long and about 0,5cm wide. They are typically rounded over the seeds, and very rarely narrowed between seeds.

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