Report sightings of Target Plant Species.    Cape Town's Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR) Programme has identified 25 Target Plant Species. Although there are 383 plants listed in South Africa's invasive species legislation, Cape Town's Invasive Species Unit requests that you ONLY report the location of 'target species' as listed below.

A perennial groundcover native to North America, growing to 30-80cm high with woody stems at the base and spreading branches that are softly downy when young. This plant has light green, thin leaves and white or greenish to rosy small flowers on slender racemes from October to June, or even all year and produces bright red berries. The leaves, roots and fruit and poisonous.

Evergreen shrub or tree growing up to 12m high, with slender branches and native to eastern Australia. It has smooth, grey bark and leaves which are up to 150mm long, thin, shiny and dark green. The flowers are white and fragrant, up to 13mm long with five downward curving petals; flowering from August-September. Fruits are showy, two-halved capsules up to 13mm in diameter, orange turning brown; seeds surrounded by a sticky pulp.

A plant of European origin, it is an erect, hairy perennial that can reach up to 2m high. It has 30-50 stems and forms wide-topped crowns. The stems are reddish-purple or red to purple and square in cross-section and the downy leaves are lance-shaped. Showy spikes of rose-purple flowers appear in summer. The flowers are10-20mm in diameter, with six petals (occasionally five) and 12 stamens, clustered tightly in the axils of bracts or leaves. The fruit is a small 3-4mm capsule containing numerous minute seeds.

A dense spreading or erect shrub or tree up to 6m high. The leaves are smooth and up to 100mm long and form sharp-pointed needles 30-50mm long and are dark-green to grey-green in colour.There are 46–84 flowers, cream in colour and fragrant, forming elongated, axillary clusters up to 20mm long and flower from June to September. Seeds consist of woody capsules approximately 25mm long and 20mm wide.

A 1-3m high shrub native to Europe with unarmed, slender, erect, very leafy, green branches; young branches are ridged and hairy. Short racemes of 3-9 flowers positioned at the tips of lateral branches. Flowers are pea-like, bright yellow, up to 13mm long; flowering from August-January. Seed pods are rusty brown, covered with silky hairs, usually with 5-8 seeds per pod.

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